OneFit Culture

This is what we stand for

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We compare our culture at OneFit as a professional sports team. Every individual player is unique and has their own capabilities. Every person is a crucial part of the team. You can have the best striker in the world, but without a good defense you would still loose the game. Therefor teamwork is of the utmost importance and you have to have each others back in order to win. That way you can be proud of your team and celebrate all victories together.

Our values are hidden in everything we do and everything we are. It is hard to put that into one sentence, mainly because we have over 15 different nationalities in our team and everyone is unique. We believe that every person attributes to our company culture in there own very specific way. And every person is an asset that adds value to the product that we deliver and where we’re proud of.

OneFit Values

This is what we believe

People oriented - Our people make our company. We belief in equality, kindness and respect towards all of our colleagues. Diversity is the core of our product and company culture

Trust & Freedom - When you are hired we will have trust and faith in you. We believe in ''just do it!'' Act in the best interest of OneFit. We believe in your own responsibilities and freedom. Your manager will give you feedback along the way and you can always adjust or tweak anything later on. So, good idea? Just do it! 

Goal oriented & Proactiveness - We are dedicated to deliver the best product/service as possible. This reflects all throughout the company. Together we work hard to reach our goals. It takes hard work and a lot of love. Therefore we foster a pro-active culture so that we can continuously grow and become a better version of ourselves.

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Meet your new colleagues

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Serge Brabander
Founder & CEO
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Camille Richardson
Founder & CPO
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Tess Tucker
Thumb avatar 1541587754
René van Rappard
Thumb avatar 1551111606
Guy Rombaut
Thumb avatar 1535360570
Maurits Stuyver
Head of Sales
Thumb avatar 1535360623
Head of Operations
Thumb avatar 1506603068
Mathijs Oord
Development Manager
Thumb avatar 1535360597
Manon Verkooijen
Happiness Officer
Thumb avatar 1506603011
Danilo Tesi
German Business Development
Thumb avatar 1535360629
Michelle Ariës
Content Manager
Thumb avatar 1535361884
Maciej Turek
Performance Marketing
Thumb avatar 1535361470
Milan van Vugt
Influencer Marketeer
Thumb avatar 1541587861
Will Dennis
Marketing Intern
Thumb avatar 1506603237
Erik Noorland
Frontend Lead
Thumb avatar 1541587666
Olena Khomko
QA Engineer
Thumb avatar 1506603069
Michael Tiel
Backend Developer
Thumb avatar 1508248366
Milan Houter
UX/UI specialist
Thumb avatar 1508249055
Jeff Gort
Product Support
Thumb avatar 1508248369
Lars Werkman
Android Developer
Thumb avatar 1535361384
Emma van Emmerik
User Researcher
Thumb avatar 1541587451
Ben Kuzey
Data Scientist
Thumb avatar 1535361411
Bob Vegt
Data Analyst
Thumb avatar 1548344927
Community Success Team Lead NL


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20355 Hamburg

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